More than 30 Years of Experience

mb-aboutMedical Data Services ("MDS") was established in 1985 in Nashville Tennessee. MDS provides timesharing, billing services, distributes and supports computer software specifically designed to meet the business and management needs of ambulatory care delivery organizations.

The company has remained dedicated to quality support and product related services. MDS provides conversion, implementation, training, custom interfaces to existing systems, billing services, timesharing services, support and consulting services as required by each customer. Medical Data Services is a Total-Solution Vendor.

MDS uses CARE/DM software, which has been in use since 1978 and has evolved through the years to the current 7.1 version. CARE/DM has a customer base in excess of 1,500 providers installed in 28 states in practices ranging in size from one to 60-plus providers. Installations include all major specialties and disciplines.

Advancements on networking technology allow MDS to provide clients access to their patient data via the Internet from practically anywhere in the world, all through a double password secured network. All that is needed is a laptop or PC and an Internet connection.

CARE/DM software operates exclusively on VAX family of computers utilizing the VMS operating system.

Get the Medical Data Services Advantage:

Medical Billing Services

  • Reduced personnel requirements resulting in lower overhead.
  • Physician cash flow uninterrupted by employee absenteeism.
  • Daily transmission and follow-up of electronic claims.
  • All statement and third party inquiries (bill calls) are directed to MDS.
  • Utilization of MDS’s highly trained billing staff.
  • 24-hour client access to patient account information.
  • Reduced storage costs due to electronically scanning charge and receipt documents.
  • Hands-on training for billing software.
  • Real-time telephone support for MDS billing software.

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Health IT Services

  • MDS is a Dell Authorized Reseller.
  • Hardware, software and network installations.
  • Real-time telephone support for MDS billing software and network connection.

Time Sharing

  • Eliminates need to purchase billing hardware or software.
  • No additional charge for software updates and support.
  • Data backups with offsite storage of backup media in the event of a disaster.
  • Optional on-site training for billing software.
  • Real-time telephone support for MDS billing software.

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General Accounting

The customer selects a tailor-made package of MDS services to supplement their staffs’ particular needs.

  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Monthly and yearly payroll tax returns

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